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How CBD can help you sleep better


Soji Health offers a range of CBD products for various purposes. One of these products is CBD oil, which is most commonly used for insomnia and sleeping patterns. A few drops of flavoured oil can be applied under the tongue before bed. The CBD is then absorbed into the bloodstream and the effects are usually felt shortly afterward. 

Experts suggest that 30% of the global population suffer from insomnia, or the inability to sleep. A further 23% of adults are sleep deprived due to stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that parents are more likely to develop insomnia than adults without children. People with insomnia are 28% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, so the health risks associated with a lack of sleep are very real.

What causes insomnia and sleep deprivation?

The main reason why people don’t get enough sleep is that they don’t allow themselves to get a full eight hours every night. Staying up late is all too common, whether it is because adults work, watch television or get distracted on their mobile phones. The digital age has not helped with sleep disorders.

Medical experts have theorised that the blue light emitted from electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets and televisions is another cause for sleep deprivation. The blue light tricks our brain into thinking that it is daytime and makes it more active. Using a digital device before bed can make your mind more active, instead of more relaxed – as it should be.

Stress and anxiety have a massive role to play in overthinking at night. There is much to worry about and these daily stresses are keeping us up at night. Insomnia can be developed fairly easily, especially when adults have bills, school fees, jobs and several other factors to worry about at night.

How does CBD oil help with sleep?

Sublingual CBD oils are an effective remedy for sleeplessness. The natural compounds in the oil help the body and mind to calm down. They allow the brain to slow down and rest more easily, which improves sleep. People that take CBD oil wake up feeling more rested and refreshed. These products are an all-natural alternative to sleeping pills and other medications.

CBD oil also helps people to remain calm during stressful situations. They can be taken during the day or before a stressful event. The relaxing effect on the mind and body brings with it many health benefits. Our products can be used to improve overall health and lead to a much better state of mind. CBD oils are not addictive and do not impair judgement or brain functioning. 

Soji Health has spent years developing and testing its products to create a range of effective options for customers. CBD does only have to be taken orally in the form of sublingual oil – it can be applied to the skin in a cream or lotion, or ingested as a delicious edible gummy. Explore our range of products to find the best method for you.


To learn more about Soji Health products, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@sojihealth.eu. Soji Health is a manufacturer of a range of CBD products, from scented creams and cleansers to delicious gummies and oil drops. We are the European distributor that aims to deliver the life-changing benefits of full-spectrum CBD to people with various needs.


Soji Health products can be used to improve your overall health and quality of living. Our gummies, oils and lotions meet the highest international standards for quality and safety. Full copies of our certifications of analysis are available on our website.


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