Why you need a stress-free space after work
Why you need a stress-free space after work


Work is unavoidable and necessary to maintain a quality of life, but it can take a negative toll on your mind and body. People often feel the most stressed at work, so it’s vital to have a relaxing space after hours. Office pressure, the daily commute, client demands and monthly bills all compound into one. Leaving those situations at the office and returning to a stress-free space after work is key to a happier and more stable life.

Various studies have linked work stress with poorer mental health. One study concluded that four years of chronic stress can lead to a seven percent decline in mental health. Stress is also a major contributor to sickness, anger and general unhappiness. The more pressure we experience at the office, the more likely we are to suffer from anxiety, insomnia and a number of other ailments. 

Soji health Europe offers a range of CBD products that can be used to minimise stress, anxiety, insomnia and other secondary issues caused by tension. Pair these products with a quiet, relaxing home and you can quickly combat stress and improve your mental health. CBD is a 100% natural compound that has various physical and mental benefits. It is non-addictive and can be taken in a variety of ways that suit the consumer.

Reasons for work-related stress

There are various reasons why work contributes to unnecessary stress for people. Three of the main factors include an unhealthy work-life balance, career misgivings and inadequate stress-relieving outlets. These three factors place additional pressure on people and can lead to a decline in mental health if left unchanged for a few years. We’ll break them down one-by-one.

An unhealthy work-life balance is not necessarily an hours-related problem. It is not always based on the number of hours spent in the office versus the time we get to relax at home, although this is a common cause. Many people spend far more time doing work than relaxing, and they aren’t overly stressed. The problem lies in expending all of your energy and mental capacity on work, then having nothing left over after hours. If you spend your time at home thinking about work, the balance is off.

The next issue is career misgivings; existential problems that consume your mind. “Am I in the right job?”, “Would I be happier in a different profession?”, “Where is my career going?”. These questions are stress-inducing problems that often rear their heads while people are at home and have more time to think. They are the questions that keep you awake at night. Most people will battle with these misgivings at some point in their lives.

The last major cause of work stress is the lack of relaxing outlets after hours. Sitting at home and watching television does not actually help with relieving stress. People need other things to do in order to feel like they have a life and purpose outside of work. Some people find that the office can be a creative, social and intellectual outlet, but many others rely on outside activities to meet these needs. It’s up to the individual to find their after-work stress-relieving outlets and make the time to include these in their lives.

The importance of a stress-free environment

Once you have identified the root causes of your work-related stress, you can try to establish a stress-free environment that allows you to decompress after hours. Whether you have a quiet room in your home or prefer to stop at a gym or a local hangout on the way home – these kinds of spaces are important for mental health. Having a stress-free space is conducive to relieving tension and anxiety.

It allows a person to clear their mind and focus on themselves. Simple and relaxing activities can also help, such as 30 minutes of yoga or meditation every morning before work or in the evenings. We recommend taking our Sunset Sleep CBD oil with added melatonin for improved relaxation during meditation. Exercise is also undeniably important as it promotes health, well-being and can be an outlet for frustrations and angst. It also encourages better sleeping patterns and more restful sleep. 

These activities and stress-free spaces will make work more manageable and allow a person to better deal with anxiety and stress. CBD oil can also play a vital role in after-work relaxation. It helps to calm a busy mind, minimize anxiety and promote relaxation. CBD is also ideal for recovery after yoga and the gym – Soji Health Europe has a Relaxing Body Oil that can be rubbed into the skin to reduce inflammation and muscle stiffness.


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