Exercise is a natural remedy for insomnia
Exercise is a natural remedy for insomnia


Medical experts suggest that insomnia affects between 25% and 30% of the global population. Chronic insomnia – difficulty maintaining sleep or awakening during the early hours of the morning – is one of the most common sleeping disorders among adults. It is associated with stress, anxiety, depression and even diabetes. 

This sleeping disorder is frustrating and can affect cognitive and physical functioning during the day. One natural remedy for insomnia is exercise. Physical exertion has long been assumed to improve sleeping patterns and the quality of sleep at night. However, for additional relief from the effects of insomnia, sleeplessness and jet-lag, people can try a CBD product such as Soji Health’s Sunset Sleep hemp seed oil, which has a refreshing peppermint flavor.

CBD oil is an effective remedy for insomnia. The natural compounds in the oil promote calmness and relaxation. They allow the brain to slow down and rest more easily, which improves sleep. Soji Health CBD products are an all-natural alternative to sleeping pills and other medications. They can be taken before bed or before a stressful event. CBD oils are not addictive and do not impair judgment or brain functioning. 

Exercise and insomnia relief

Simple exercise during the day is enough to improve sleep. A number of studies have been conducted that show how exercise significantly improves the quality of sleep for people suffering from insomnia. Moderate exercise, such as a quick jog or 30-minute walk, is enough to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and increase the length of time people sleep for.

Similar results have been found during studies on the effects of long-term exercise and sleep. In these studies, insomnia patients exercised for seven months and found that they were able to fall asleep more quickly, sleep for longer and wake up feeling more energetic than before they started exercising.

How does exercise improve sleep?

Although the actual reasons why exercise improves sleep are unknown, there are many possibilities that have been suggested by experts. One such reason is the heating effect of exercise on the body. Exercise increases the body’s temperature and the resulting post-exercise drop in temperature may promote sleep and bring on drowsiness. Linked to this is the belief that exertion tires the muscles and organs, which also helps to induce a deeper sleep.

Exercise is also believed to minimize insomnia by reducing arousal, anxiety and stress symptoms. The long-term effects of exercise on these symptoms has been documented and a positive correlation has been established. Physical exertion can help to calm the mind and lower the heart rate at night. It promotes deeper sleep and allows someone with sleeping problems to more effectively deal with stress and overthinking.

Lastly, exercise is believed to have a positive effect on circadian rhythms – our natural sleep-wake cycles that determine when we feel tired. Circadian rhythms are commonly referred to as the body clock. Some people with insomnia suffer from irregular and reduced circadian rhythms. Exercise may help to shift the timing of this sleep-wake cycle and extend its duration.

There is still a lot to learn about the relationship between physical exertion and sleep, but we already know that the two are linked. To improve the quality of sleep, light to moderate exercise should be undertaken once a day. Any form of activity that increases the heart rate and gets the whole body moving is enough to improve sleep. If you still battle from insomnia and sleeplessness, try some of Soji Health’s CBD products for improved relaxation, calm and rest.


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