What does it feel like to use our products?
What does it feel like to use our products?


Soji Health Europe offers a range of products for improved well-being, such as skincare products, sublingual oils, and gummies. These products have been formulated to strict international standards and each batch undergoes triple testing by independent laboratories to ensure their effectiveness and efficacy. But what does it feel like to try these products?

In short, our range of CBD products have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body and mind. CBD is a non-addictive natural compound that is extracted from hemp seeds. It does not produce a high and is highly beneficial for health and wellness due to the numerous herbal compounds and terpenes that are extracted along with CBD.

How does CBD feel in the body?

To understand how the feeling of relaxation occurs after consuming CBD, we need to turn to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The human body has an ECS that comprises receptors that detect and interact with cannabinoids (or natural compounds such as CBD). There are two types of receptor – CB1 and CB2. CBD inhibits the activity of these receptors and also binds to a few other targets throughout the body.

This creates a therapeutic effect and induces a sense of calmness and relaxation. By interacting with the ECS and certain neural networks in the brain, CBD can help people to overcome anxiety, reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote better sleep. These are just a few of the many health benefits of CBD. This natural compound is also a great mood-enhancer with anti-inflammatory properties.

Does CBD make you feel tired?

While CBD has a relaxing effect on the body, it does not necessarily make you feel drowsy or tired. CBD is often purported to induce sleep and is marketed as an effective remedy for insomnia, but the truth is that it can be used during the day without making the consumer fall asleep. It works by helping to calm an active mind and minimize stress, which are two major reasons why people struggle to fall asleep at night.

CBD helps to induce sleep by relaxing the body and mind. It also helps to regulate circadian rhythms – the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle. Our Sunset Sleep product contains added melatonin for a more effective result. This product is ideal for people who have insomnia, who struggle to stay asleep during the night, or who have jet lag from traveling overseas. The combination of CBD and melatonin allows the user to fall asleep more easily and stay asleep throughout the night.

Does CBD make you feel happy?

Many consumers report a number of positive effects after taking CBD. This can improve the mood and increase happiness, although this is often as a result of decreased pain and an overall state of relaxation. It must be noted that the exact feeling that CBD induces is dependent on the type of CBD used in the product. Soji Health uses full-spectrum CBD, which extracts all the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant and puts it into a single product.

While happiness may be a ‘side effect’ of taking CBD, the consumer’s improved health will certainly improve their mood. The effects of CBD on the body can vary, depending on the dosage and the ailment being treated. It is up to the consumer to find the best method and the right dosage for their needs. This will result in maximum effectiveness and the best satisfaction from the CBD product.

Soji Health products can be taken to tackle an underlying problem, whether physical, mental or simply to improve your skincare routine. Our sublingual oils have a unique nano-liposomal delivery system that allows the effects of the CBD oil to be felt up to six times faster than other brands. Our products will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and free from stress and pain.


To learn more about Soji Health products, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@sojihealth.eu. Soji Health is a manufacturer of a range of CBD products, from scented creams and cleansers to delicious gummies and oil drops. We are the European distributor that aims to deliver the life-changing benefits of full-spectrum CBD to people with various needs.

Soji Health products can be used to improve your overall health and quality of living. Our gummies, oils and lotions meet the highest international standards for quality and safety. Full copies of our certifications of analysis are available on our website.

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