Tips for mixing Soji Health oils with coffee
Why mix Soji Health oils with coffee?


Coffee is one of the most popular morning drinks around the world – it is estimated that 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Every country seems to have its own version of this caffeinated drink. This natural substance is sought after for its ability to increase mental alertness and ‘wake up’ the consumer. 

However, caffeine also has some unwanted side effects that affect many consumers. Too much coffee can cause anxiety, a pounding chest and jitteriness, leaving a person feeling uneasy and shaky. This is where Soji Health oils can help. Our full-spectrum CBD oil can be added to your cup of coffee to counteract the side effects of the caffeine. 

This is fast becoming a trend around the world, even prompting some coffee brands to release CBD-infused coffee to the market. The relaxing effects of the CBD help to minimize the anxiety and shakes caused by the caffeine. Below is an explanation of why mixing CBD oils with coffee may improve your productivity.

Why mix Soji Health oils with coffee?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant; it has the ability to improve focus, mood and mental alertness. It does so by increasing the heart rate and blocking the uptake of adenosine in the body – a compound that counteracts dopamine and glutamine. This allows dopamine to be produced more readily by the brain, resulting in a better mood and increasing alertness.

However, these effects of caffeine can also make consumers feel anxious and jittery, which is not ideal in stressful work environments or when actual concentration is vital for performance. Simply adding between 5mg and 20mg of CBD oil to a cup of coffee can counteract the negative effects of caffeine and allow the consumer to focus on important tasks at hand.

How do CBD oils counteract the side effects of caffeine?

CBD is a natural compound that is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. It simply promotes relaxation and minimizes stress. When added to coffee, CBD can enhance mental alertness as it interacts with the same neurotransmitters as the caffeine. As already mentioned, caffeine blocks the uptake of adenosine – a compound that slows the signals sent by the neurons. Adenosine is what makes us feel tired and lethargic.

When caffeine attaches to the neurons, it blocks adenosine and keeps us awake and alert. However, CBD also interacts with these neurons and adenosine; CBD is a modulator of adenosine, meaning that it improves the efficiency of the adenosine receptors in the neurons. In simple terms, CBD allows caffeine to do its job but also enables the neurons to process some adenosine, which minimizes the negative side effects of caffeine.

CBD has other stimulating effects on the body. It interacts with serotonin, the body’s happy hormone, and leads to an improved mood and motivation. While more research is needed to fully understand how CBD oil interacts with caffeine, initial results indicate that it is a great way for consumers, who are sensitive to coffee, to get their morning fix without the risk of anxiety or jitteriness.

Soji Health oils reduce anxiety

It is already known that CBD can reduce anxiety and counteract stress. It does this by regulating hypothalamic functions that control heart rate, vascular dilation and breathing. A couple of symptoms of stress and anxiety are increased heart rate and rapid breathing, but CBD works to reduce these effects. It also relaxes the muscles, reduces inflammation and increases GABA activity, which causes relaxation throughout the nervous system.

There are numerous reasons why CBD oil is a great addition to a cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine and CBD interact with similar neurotransmitters and compounds in the body, so they balance each other out and enhance the positive effects of both substances. This can help to improve focus and productivity without body-shakes and anxiety. Soji Health oils come with a unique nano-liposomal delivery system that provides up to six times higher bioavailability than other brands.


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