What you need to know about gummies

CBD gummies in a glass jar

Most people have a bit of a sweet tooth, which is why supplement and vitamin manufacturers often turn their products into chewable sweets. In a similar fashion, Soji Health has created a range of delicious gummies from its CBD oil. These ingestible products come in a variety of fruity flavours, such as watermelon, peach, pineapple, […]

Taking CBD: finding the best method for you

Woman taking CBD oil

CBD products can be made from various formulations, each of which have different health benefits and effects on the body. Consumers need to find the best method that suits their needs in order to get the maximum benefit from our products. There are three basic types of CBD from which to choose: CBD isolate – […]

Welcome to Soji Health Europe

Welcome to Soji Health Europe

Soji Health is a manufacturer of cannabidiol (CBD) nutritional and beauty products. We are the European distributor that aims to deliver the life-changing benefits of full-spectrum CBD to people with various needs.  CBD is not an addictive substance – it is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory botanical product that contains essential vitamins, fatty acids, fibre, […]