Why third-party product testing is important
Why third-party product testing is important


The CBD industry is growing rapidly, but not every company values ethical business practices. It is easy for a brand to mislead the consumer about the quality and percentage of CBD in their products. Some of these products may also contain non-natural ingredients and harmful chemicals, such as pesticides.

This is where third-party testing becomes significant in the consumer’s search for the best CBD brands. Ethical CBD manufacturers will send samples of their products to independent laboratories that will run various tests and chemical analyses. The results are then returned to the brand, which now has the responsibility of making the findings publicly available.

Soji Health is committed to educating consumers about the many benefits of CBD, as well as maintaining transparency around its products. All of our CBD products are triple-tested by third-party laboratories in the United States, before being shipped to Europe for sale. The results of these analyses for each Soji Health product are available on our website.

Third-party testing improves transparency and trust

The ethical practice of analyzing the chemical components of CBD products can make a brand more trustworthy. This is because it is unlikely that an independent laboratory would provide false results. These laboratories are highly regarded in the industry and have a big reputation to uphold by providing accurate test results.

The entire reason behind lab testing CBD products is to provide an unbiased and accurate chemical analysis of the oils, creams and ingestibles. These tests are used to show the purity, quality and concentration of the compounds in each product. It is also a means of comparing various CBD products and finding the one that suits your needs.

The lab tests also allow the consumer to see for themselves that the products contain the exact compounds as advertised on the packaging. It is a strong indicator of integrity and goodwill on the brand’s part, so be sure to only buy CBD products from companies that make their third-party lab results publicly available.

What do independent labs test for?

There are numerous things that third-party labs test for when looking at CBD products. Often, multiple tests are conducted on a single batch in order to look for various chemicals, concentrations and contaminants. Here are five of the most common tests for CBD products:

1. Cannabinoid profiles – This is usually the first test conducted by labs. It is a study of the concentration of cannabinoids contained in the product. Using a liquid chromatography technique, compounds such as CBD and THC can be quantified in the sample batch. This is what gives products their percentage of CBD, which is then displayed on the packaging.

2. Terpene profiles – Another test is to establish the terpene profiles within a sample. Terpenes are natural compounds that give plants their aroma and flavor. Many of the therapeutic benefits of CBD come from the terpenes. Just as the smell of lavender can have a relaxing effect, the aroma profile of various CBD products plays an important role in its positive effects on the body.

3. Heavy metals – The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator, which means that it has the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil and concentrate them in its leaves and stem. While this can be a good thing, it also means that the plant can absorb heavy metals and other harmful compounds. Lab tests can indicate whether heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic, are present in a sample of CBD.

4. Biological contaminants – Some lab tests look for biological contaminants, such as molds, fungi, parasites and bacteria that may be present in the CBD product. These contaminants can cause allergic reactions or make the consumer ill, so it is critical to ensure that CBD products are 100% free from such organic elements.

5. Organic solvents – These tests are becoming less popular nowadays as CBD manufacturers no longer use solvents to extract the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. However, some laboratories will still run organic solvent tests to ensure that CBD products are absolutely free from these toxic chemicals.

Consumers should only purchase CBD from ethical brands

The tests described above show how important it is to purchase from brands that make their lab results available. While third-party testing isn’t a requirement, the ethical CBD brands will do it anyway. This is for the benefit of the consumer and their health. Many of the high-quality CBD manufacturers will run these tests in order to maintain trust with the consumer.

Any brand can make claims about their purity, quality and concentration of CBD and similar compounds. However, only ethical brands will use third-party laboratory tests as proof of the quality of their products. In an industry that is growing rapidly, we recommend that consumers buy their CBD products from brands that make the effort to test their oils, lotions and ingestibles through independent laboratories.


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