The relaxing effect of CBD explained
The relaxing effect of Soji Health products explained


When researching Soji Health products and their many benefits for the human body, the first thing that people are likely to come across is their relaxing effect. These products have a wonderful ability to ease stress and instill relaxation throughout the body – allowing consumers to manage anxiety and worry more effectively. But how does this relaxing effect take place?

To understand this, we first need to know that CBD is a cannabinoid; part of a family of naturally-occurring compounds in certain plants, such as hemp, as well as some animals. It is also possible to create synthetic cannabinoids in a laboratory. But the natural plant-based ones have more health benefits due to the Entourage Effect. Certain species of animals can also secrete endogenous cannabinoids, including humans.

The body has a system for cannabinoids

This means that the human body has cells and receptors that interact with cannabinoids, including CBD. However, CBD comes from plants and is not found naturally in the human body. We all have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies that enables us to synthesize and process these compounds. There are two main receptors responsible for these processes, called CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors are commonly found in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. These are the receptors that process CBD for pain relief and other bodily ailments. CB2 receptors are commonly associated with the immune system and are responsible for the healing effects of CBD. These receptors synthesize CBD and are responsible for the calming effect that the compound has on the entire body.

Relaxing effect and relief created by CBD

CBD is a non-addictive compound found in the hemp plant that is responsible for the relaxing effect and widespread relief that is felt throughout the body. It is an effective muscle relaxant, pain reliever, stress deterrent and skin moisturizer. This compound is a well-rounded natural remedy for many ailments and problems, both physical and mental. Its relaxing effect on the mind and body can help to improve the following conditions:

  • Insomnia due to stress and overthinking.
  • Physical pain, whether chronic or acute, caused by injuries, surgery or other conditions.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Skin problems, such as acne, eczema and dryness.
  • Neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.
  • Stomach conditions and digestive issues.

There have been numerous scientific studies conducted that have shown positive signs of the effect of CBD on all of the above conditions. While more research is underway, so far, the results paint a good picture of the various health and relaxation benefits of CBD on the mind and body.

Soji Health Europe offers several CBD products, including CBD oil and body lotion that can be used to promote relaxation. Our Sunset Sleep and Sunrise All Day sublingual oils are manufactured with a unique nano-liposomal delivery system that provides up to six times higher bioavailability than other brands. They are also flavored to make them more enjoyable. Both of these products have an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces pain and promotes relaxation.


To learn more about Soji Health products, please do not hesitate to contact us via Soji Health is a manufacturer of a range of CBD products, from scented creams and cleansers to delicious gummies and oil drops. We are the European distributor that aims to deliver the life-changing benefits of full-spectrum CBD to people with various needs.

Soji Health products can be used to improve your overall health and quality of living. Our gummies, oils and lotions meet the highest international standards for quality and safety. Full copies of our certifications of analysis are available on our website.

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